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As a professional car lights trader and manufacturer, we offer a wide range of upgrade xenon auto bulbs, LED bulbs, standard bulbs and HID conversion kits. We are dedicated to high level customer service for our clients from all over the world.

Our product range covers halogen bulbs for headlight, miniature bulbs for auxiliary car lighting, HID kits and lamps, LED lamps, motorcycle bulbs and sealed beams. Most of our engineers are with over ten years of experience for car lighting production. Also most of our products conform to ECE standards and the national electronic standards of China (GB), including all HID lamps, ballasts, and LED lamps.

Key machines: glass cutting machines, tip-sealing machines, exhaust -sealing machines, capping machines, assembly line, coating machines, integraph spheres, projectors, press tester, etc.

With modern equipments, advanced technology, strict quality control in production and constant technical innovating, we are having strong confidence to supply our clients worldwide with best quality-price ratio and sound over-all service.

We have been a pioneer in innovative lighting technology in our long history of development, and one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry in this field.  Oking high-quality driving lights incorporate the latest technological advances to:

• Increase your vision range at night, effectively reducing your chances of being involved in an accident;

• Ease the difficulty of night driving, minimising the chances of driver fatigue; and

• Make your vehicle more visible to other motorists on the road.

Even with good lighting, driving during the day is safer than driving at night - but with Oking lights, you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to protect yourself, your vehicle and other road users.

Contact us today if you want to have a long-term fruitful co-operation with our company!

Herebelow is our office location in Jiangsu Province.

The conclusion is that we are facing significant changes in the next few years in the way we keep the car lights burning throughout the world. Related Articles - overview, home, fixtures, traditional, LED, fluorescent, incandescent, ...

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