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auto dry cabinet for lighting

we are co-operating with the humidity control expert of CATEC Electronic for Auto Dry Cabinet, Desiccator Cabinet, Moisture Proof Cabinet, auto dry box, and drying ovens, for the dehumidification storage of our tungsten wires. 

DEMAND OF LOW CARBON ECONOMY, increasing the high efficiency of your electronic parts/components/tools, etc.

The Dessicant Dry Unit inside the cabinet is an inclosure with a supply of desiccant which maintains an internal environment of 1-60% RH, also called: Drycabinet, desiccator, dry box, Auto Dry Box,Dehumidifier, Humidity control chamber, and ultra low humidity storage cabinet.

Desiccant itself is defined as A substance that has a high affinity for water and is used as a drying agent - from the Latin word desiccans. Commercially, desiccant materials are supplied as; Montmorillonite Clay, Silica Gel, Indicating Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Calcium Oxide, Calcium Sulfate and Zeolite, just to name a few.

Catec has been the best supplier of dehumidification storage solution for long years for below big clients:  BenQ, ASUS, BYD, HITACHI SUZHOU, SHARP WUXI, OMRON SHANGHAI, P2i UK, Eurointech Russia, Saint-Gobain, Motorola......
they are verified GOLD SUPPLIER in alibaba.com for international business promotion: