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H13 Halogen Bulbs for Automotive Headlights

       OKLITE H13 bulbs offer the capability and quality that have made them the #1 aftermarket bulb manufacturer. Our H13 bulbs offer significantly more light when compared to stock bulbs. Additionally, with OKLITE, you can also achieve that custom HID look that is not available with many of our competitors.

       When choosing H13 bulbs from OKLITE you get a number of attractive features. To begin with, that high-end HID appearance has become an increasingly popular look. Unfortunately, this look is expensive and usually requires a costly and difficult conversion from halogen to HID lighting. Luckily, with our H13 bulbs, you can get that intense beam of light that mimics HID lighting, but is actually delivered from our powerful halogen bulbs. This increase in lighting is also more than just aesthetic. OKLITE H13 bulbs offer greater visibility and illumination in all weather conditions, providing substantially improved safety.

       In addition to the functional and aesthetic benefits of our H13 bulbs, there are additional features which make OKLITE stand apart. Our bulbs also feature exclusive colors that heighten the customs HID appearance. OKLITE H13 bulbs are available in four distinctive colors including Hyper White, Pure Blue, Ultra Violet, and JDM Yellow. Each delivers a unique look and attitude to your vehicle, allowing you to tailor your H13 bulbs specifically to your car?s appearance. 

       OKLITE H13 bulbs also feature a significant edge over many competitors by offering a 1 year guarantee against any manufacturer defects. With our commitment to using the best materials and components, as well as the other distinctive features, it?s no wonder why OKLITE bulbs have become a leader in the aftermarket bulbs industry.