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Xenon headlamps


The devices popularly known as "Xenon headlamps" actually incorporate Metal halide light sources, and are known as high-intensity discharge, or HID lamps.
Xenon is currently the lamp used in single-source lighting systems being developed for automotive use. In these systems, a single light source sends light via optical fibers to wherever it is needed in the automobile. This development, known as distributive lighting, is already appearing in the interior lighting features, for example the Ford Mustang's interior lighting. In an expanded system, the light could be channeled to the side mirrors for example, which would act as forward driving lights that could be made to swivel in position with the car as it turns. The headlight pattern would not be limited to individual overlapping beams, but could be channeled by electronic controls of the fiber optics to provide optimum visibility over an extended range of driving conditions including in the fog, dust or snow. Individual lamps would not be needed, just a mounting point for the optical fibers running back to the single light source and computer controlled for color, intensity and continuity.