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Auto Bulbs for Headlight

As a professional car lights provider, we offer a full range of upgrade xenon auto bulbs,LED auto bulbs, standard bulbs and HID kits.

Upgrade your car headlamps to Xenon

All our xenon auto bulbs require no vehicle modifications to install They are a direct replacement for your existing bulbs. Where necessary, all replacement are fully 'E' marked and road legal (with the exception of some high performance and specialist bulbs). A wide range of exciting automotive LED bulbs for interior and exterior use are also available. LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular in todays market especially in the styling world. With crisp bright light and vibrant colours, LED bulbs are one of the most popular styling upgrade available.

For those clear lens upgrades we have the fantastic silver indicator and side repeater bulbs to complete and compliment your lighting upgrade. The silver/chrome coating eliminates the nasty fried egg effect you get with a standard amber bulb. The silver bulbs blend superbly with the reflectors hiding them from view to create a classy uniform finish to your headlights.

Full range of standard replacement halogen bulbs are also available.

Bulb No     Wattage Draw
881   27.5W
893   37.5W
H1     55W
H3     55W
H4     55W/60W
H7    55W
9005   45W/60W
9005   65W
9006   55W
9007   55W/65W
Bulb numbers: H4, 9004, 9007 are dual filaments. Dual filaments are used for both low and high beams. It uses 1 filament when you have your car on low beam and 2 for high beam so you get low and high beams for the price of one pair. The rest of the bulb numbers are single filaments .