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Name: H13 bulbs
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Detailed introduction of the products

Size H13 HID Xenon Gas Charged Crystal BLue Xenon Bulbs

Color: Crystal Blue yellow  white

Watt :55/65 Watt


*Vibration Resistant


*Long life

High Performance Halogen Bulbs are designed to emanate a brilliant white light to illuminate the road ahead. A special lens filter coating, while blue in appearance, actually helps purify the light into a natural 5,150K white light that almost mimics daylight.

Unlike cheap imitation performance bulbs that simply jack up the wattage to raise light output causing excess heat that can lead to housing and wire damage, Luminics Bulbs use high tech filaments to achieve higher output. This allows a H13 bulb to consume only 60/55W of power while emitting an entire 135/130W of light output!

The H13 Series Bulbs, also known as 9008 Series Bulbs, are dual filament bulbs featuring both high and low beam filaments in one halogen gas filled glass tube. These brawny bulbs are the latest development in halogen bulb technology.

h13 bulbs