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h4 bulbs

H4 Halogen Bulbs for Automotive Headlights

       Give your car a brilliant new look with our H4 bulbs. Replace dull stock halogens with these bright, colorful, and high quality bulbs that will give you the HID look that you want. our H4 bulbs were originally developed in international racing circuits, and then found they way into exclusive high-end European cars. Now these bulbs are available for the most popular makes and models.

       H4 bulbs are an exceptional bulb that fits many of the most popular vehicles. H4 bulbs are compatible with Redflag, Santana, Ford, Honda Civic, Mercedes-Benz C-class, Nissan Altima, Scion xA & xB, Infiniti G35, as well as many other makes and models.  

       Our H4 bulbs are available in various distinct colors. We offer Hyper White H4's, Ultra Violet H4's, Pure Blue H4's,  Yellow H4's, and other costomized colors. Each color gives you a completely unique look for your car. However, all coated color will give you the same HID look, improved visibility, and high quality that OKLITE bulbs can deliver.