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H8-H12 bulbs
Name: H8-H12 bulbs
Classification: H8-12 bulbs
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H8 series Bulbs for Headlights

       H8 series bulbs are useful for a variety of automotive lighting applications. OKLITE H118 series are among the most attractive bulbs on the market for their intense and effective lighting ability and their unique color options.

       Our range of H8 series allow customers to find out why these bulbs are the #1 aftermarket bulbs available. One of the most notable features of these bulbs is their ability to efficiently light up the road ahead of you. With lighting output reminiscent of HID, visibility is substantially improved both down-road in front of you and also in reflecting off of signs and other markings. Additionally, this added lighting also provides greater visibility through poor weather conditions, creating a safer driving experience. 

       OKLITE H8 series also stand apart from competitors by offering several unique colors to choose from, including super Yellow, Pure Blue, Hyper White, and Crystal. No matter which color you choose, each offers the same powerful beam of light with an unmistakable color and attitude.

       Delivering both safety and style, our H8 series offer incredible value that few can match. When considering aftermarket bulb choices it's important to consider the capability and variety that can be achieved with our  H8 series bulbs for headlights.