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HB5/9007 BULBS
Name: HB5/9007 BULBS
Classification: HB5/9007 bulbs
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HB5/9007 BULBS


9007 /HB5 Bulbs for Headlights

       OKLITE 9007 bulbs will let your car have an HID look that makes it stand out from the crowd. Our bulbs are high quality, high performing bulbs that let you add a custom look to your car while also improving its lighting and visibility.

       Our 9007 bulbs are the perfect addition many of today's popular vehicles. Among the makes and models that are compatible with 9007 bulbs are Chevrolet Equinox, Dodge Durango & Dakota, Ford Explorer, Hummer H2, Jeep Liberty, Lincoln Navigator, Mitsubishi Montero Spot, Nissan Altima, Saturn Ion, and many other cars. 

       OKLITE 9007 gives you something more than your average halogen. Our bulbs are available in three different styles; Crystal, Hyper White, and SuperYellow. Each bulb gives your car a different look and a new attitude while increasing safety and visibility.